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The following is by the individual, sent via email or via site, in response to articles or other sightings.

i have had an experience here when it was Jimmy Deans ,A medium had visited to do a paranormal evening. as my friend and i sat near the door ,before it got busy , i saw up in the corner of the Gallery what i can describe has a tall shadowy figure, my friend said did you see that ,she saw it at the same time as me, didn,t last long but we did see something
Bennerly School
stories have bean said of someone drowning in the swimming pool years ago and a little longer then this if i remember right something about the clock tower
Bennerly School
A. Draper
I used to go to that school but was along time ago , I'm broadening my ability as a medium and when I was there I think its called T block I used to see a man in the music room .
Bennerly School
C. Oliver
Just looking through this sight and came across this post. I used to go there to. 1996. We also hear the story of the man in T block. In the upstairs room. Always felt cold up there! Never saw it though!
Bennerly School
A. Billingham

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