We already know that the cinema was owned by the Brailsford family for some time.

Frank Hubert Brailsford was manager of the Scala in 1934. We know that because he was referred to in an article in the Derby Daily Telegraph dated 27th June of that year. He lived on Park Avenue in Ilkeston at that time. National Census records for 1931 were destroyed in a fire, and the 1941 Census never took place because of WWII, so finding out names, occupations and addresses for this time period is quite limited. We have managed to find records documenting his birth on 31st March 1909, and his death in December 1969

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Scala Investigation


In 2014 an investigation was done at Scala, the results where better than expected.

A Summary of Scala Investigation
Report by Twilight Paranormal who did the investigation. (Via Facebook)

A mind-blowing experience at the Scala cinema. Aug 2014.
Twilight Paranormal investigated the overwhelming reports of unexplained activity.


There were lots of activity in various places, notably on the balcony and down the right-hand side of the lower section.

  • • Brilliant table-tipping session,

  • • Some glass work and Ouija board sessions proved to be successful,

  • • REM-pod went off, K-II responses in places,

  • • Lots of tapped responses to questions, various audio phenomena including movement from between the seats, whispering, and sighs.

  • • Various shadows were seen moving about

  • • Cameras refused to function properly.


Our mediums had a hard time passing over a particularly negative male spirit, who refused to give any information about himself.

Some information linked to a known name associated with the cinema came through on the Ouija board,


We did get a spirit claiming to be a projectionist from 1913 (when the cinema opened) come through, he was apparently just going about his usual business, because he came and went a couple of times. When we asked him if the film had finished and he’d gone to change it, we got a positive response.


A few shadows were seen around the left-hand side exit at the start, but later on most of the focus seemed to be on the right-hand side where most people have reported some kind of activity. We did table-tipping at a specific spot about halfway down the right side, as I’d been getting K-II activity all night around that area. Proved to be some of the best table-tipping footage we’ve ever captured.

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