Ilkeston Database of Places

The Following is a list and details of places in Ilkeston which have had paranormal, unexplained activity. Some are from reports in paper, by members of the public and other sources.

Public Houses

Bulls Head Pub

Bulls Head, Stanton Road, Little Hallam

  • In the cellar noises and a Ghost of a bride been seen
  • Cold feelings / Hotspots 


Wine Vaults

Wine Voults – East Street (Town Centre)

  – unexplained Activity (Smells, noises, Apparition)



The Havelock

The Havelock – White Lion Square – Stanton Road.

  • Apparitions, possible sighting of owner.
  • Flickering responsive lights in morning
  • Noises, feelings
  • A bad presence in cellar


White Lion Pub
White Lion Pub, Now Demolished
  • ​Poltergeist Activity,
  • Noises and feelings,
  • Spirits may have moved to Havelock. 


The Gallows Inn
The Gallows Inn, Gallows Inn Area, Nottingham Road
  • ​Paranormal Activity including moving objects, glass shattering. 

Relating to the bridge regarding a murder, also Horse and Cart noises, feelings, apparition and is site of the Gallows and Ducking stool.


The Market Inn

The Market Inn – Market Place,

  • Over 170 years old and close to 2 graveyards .
  • Noises, breathing, sighs, groans.
  • Moving objects, doors and glass shattering
  • At least 2 apparitions
  • Staff wouldn’t go to certain parts of the pub on their own.



The Needlemakers
The Needlemakers – Nottingham Road
  • Lights being switched off and on
  • Glasses being thrown or exploding in hands,
  • Knocking on Windows upstairs,
  • Cold spots,
  • Doors banging upstairs 
  • Noises, footsteps across landing
  • Orbs, shadows, figures seen 
  • Smell of cigar smoke in cellar occasionally,
  • Male voice

3 confirmed ghosts so far by investigators.


The Anchor Inn

The old Anchor pub on Market Street

  • Unexplained activity

now flats.



Wilkinson Store

Wilkinson Store – Bath Street

  • 1 Apparition (Female)



Walkers on South Street, – now the Brewery tap

  • -Haunted by a man called the umbrella man 
  • Apparition and noises.
CO-OP Building

CO-OP Building – Now Apartments and Small shop Units

  • Apparition and strange activity.

Takeaway – (Southern Fried Chicken), 

  • Feelings of bad energy, noises – mostly stairs to and attic.


Manors Chip shop 

Manners Chipshop – South Street

  • Feelings of bad energy, noices – 
Toy Store - South Street

Toy Shop – South Street 

  • 1 Apparition (No other recent experiences)
The Girl In the window – the toy shop

This again was found derived from stories in the Advertiser. In the July 19 th edition of 1974, there is an account of the owner seeing the reflection of a ghost in the window behind him and his escape for the spectre.


Ilkeston Town Hall

Town Hall, Market Place, Ilkeston –

  • Unexplained Activity
  • Fire alarms and smell of smoke
  • Also fires

Backed with past events (including a fire that damaged the building) and police reports, even being called out to investigate.


Church Institute

​Corner Cafe Building (incl Sewing Shop)Market Street / Market Place

  • Paranormal Activity – Recent reports – Report
Fionas Hairdressers

Hair Dressers (Fiona’s Bath Street) 

  •  Paranormal Activity – Recent reports


Primrose Factory
Primrose Factory – Cotmanhay
  • Apparition and Paranormal Activity –
Manor Road
  • Apparition (1 sighting from 1980’s paper). Recent reports of activities in homes – Report


Rutland Mill

Rutland Mills – Market street, Now flats

  • Apparitions,
  • Children’s laughter,
  • Responsive

– Information

Rutland Garments

Rutland Garments now Premiere Furnishings

  •  Chairs would move and weird noises
  • A lady hung herself in the ladies and she’s been there ever since.
The Beacon

The Beacon (Ritz) Bingo Hall The Ritz – South Street-


  • The apparition of past owners/users
  • Knocking, footsteps and sounds of doors opening and closing
  • Land Haunting from spirits of land before the Ritz
  • Angry spirit near bar.

Investigation Report

 investigations – Report

Erewash Museum

Erewash Museum – East Street

  • The girl who fell and broke her neck,
  • The sounds in the stables, Horses seen on shipley could be related
  • Three ghosts, 1 on the back stairs, one on the second floor and one on the ground floor.


Monks Way and Cave​

Hermits Cave – Dale Abbey – Unexplained Activity (Smells, noises, Apparition) – Account


Monks Sightings at Hermits Cave, Woods and various homes along the hermits/monks walk – Accounts

Morrisons Site ​

Sudbury House and former site of the College – Apparition and Paranormal Activity

Gallows Inn Meadows ​

Gallows Inn Close – (otherwise known as Gallows Inn Meadows) – Unexplained and Paranormal Activity (Smells, feelings, apparition, orbs and shadows/mass) – various homes


Ilkeston Advertiser Building ​

Ilkeston Advertiser Building, Heanor Road (Now Derbyshire Times)

  • Paranormal Activity 
  • 2 Ghosts Dogs
  • Man and 2 children who died in building
  • Noises, feelings and moving object.
  • One woman believed to be previous editor. 



The Old Church
Old Church – The HOP

​JD Cafe (now the HOP) – Polterguiest Activity, Paranormal phenomena – Recent Reportings ARTICLE

Bennerly School

Bennerley School B and T Block – Unexplained Activity (Smells, Noises) – Account

Scala Cinema
Scala Cinema – Pimlico (Market Place)
  • Unexplained Activity
  • Recent Reporting’s of spirits,
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Previous owner and projectionist still presence
  • Voices
  • Possible spirits visiting to see film.
  • |One death on site is recorded
  • Over 100 years old and is one of the earliest purpose built cinemas in the country.
  • Originally built on the site of a graveyard – Story of ghost before cinema

Investigation done –  Reports


Derby Street

Hawthorn House – Multiple Poltergeist Activity, Smells, noises, attacks and other reports – REPORTS  – (Demolished)

Homes built on small remaining part of Derby Street


East St and Burr lane 
  • Reports of Dark presence
  • Demonic shadows
  • Noises and moving objects
  • Child and adult spirits seen

We know one house to have been scene of mass murder.

Lime Street

Lime Street is currently active with

  • Active spirits
  • Dark presence
  • Feeling of touching and being attacked
  • Smells, noises and moving objects

From feed back it seems a few houses on street are active. possible land haunting or related to a larger building preciously on site

Station Street
  • Knocks bangs
  • tv and lights go off and on
  • kettle boils on its own
  • footsteps in corridor
  • loud bangs in outside door
  • People hear Footsteps in flat above cafe, no one in
Wood Street
Wood Street,
  • Apparitions, mist,
  • Moving objects and emotional feelings, 
Little Hallam Ln

Little Hallam Ln,

  • Demonic shadows,
  • Apparitions, mist,
  • Moving objects
  • Emotional feelings,
  • Child and adult spirits
Wirksworth Rd (KH)

Wirksworth (KH),  –

  • Demonic shadows,
  • Apparitions,
  • Emotional feelings,
  • Child and adult spirits

 (New Housing Estate next to old Graveyard, and onsite of Hallcroft School)

  • Built on mass grave
  • Unexplained activity reported. 
  • Various home report Noises, feeling, moving objects
  • Possible linked ton sightings on Derby Street
Glebe Cresent and Sudbury Avenue) 

Glebe Cresent and Sudbury Avenue

  • Shadows, Black Mass,
  • Paranormal Activity – Recent reports
Mill Street

Various homes

  • Shadows and apparitions

Woods and Parks

Ladywood (Kirkhallam) Woods

Ladywood (Kirkhallam) Woods – Various Activity

  • Last report 1983
  • Reports of a ghost of a white lady seen in the Ladywood woods, locally known as White lady Woods
Blue Bells Woods

Blue Bells Woods, Woods –

  • Various Activity
Shipley Park

Shipley Park –

  • Apparition,
  • Attacks/touch,
  • Paranormal Activity –

Recent reportings- Report

Shipley Park The Gardens
 Shipley Park – The Gardens –
  • Lights going on and off
  • Apparition
  • Smells

 – Report


Churches and Grave Yards

Stanton Grave Yard

Stanton Road Grave Yard –

  • Unexplained Activity (Smells, feelings, apparition, orbs and shadows/mass)




St Marys Grave Yard 

  St Marys Church Grave Yard – Market Place

  • – Unexplained Activity (Smells, feelings)
Old Park Grave yard
    Old Park Grave yard – Park Road
  • – Unexplained Activity (Smells, feelings)
St Marys Church and Cantelupe Centre
St Marys Church and Cantelupe Centre
  • – Unexplained Activity (Smells, Noises)