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When my mum was young she worked at walkers on south St its now the brewery tap or something like that's supposed to be haunted by a man called the umbrella man people have reported seeing him at the bottom of the stairs, my mum says she was terrified when she was told to get something out of the attic room,

Sadie Taylor Edwards


Rutland Garments (now Premiere Furnishings)

I worked there for 6 yrs and we always felt that there was something there. Chairs would move and weird noises but we were told that when it was Rutland Garments a lady hung herself in the ladies and she's been there ever since.




"Part of farmer Fred Smith's 17th-century farmhouse - at Ilkeston

is rented to tenants and, in 1991, he took in a young couple with a baby. He was particularly pleased to welcome them because they took a room with an adjacent garden which needed work doing to it. The couple agreed to tidy it up and Mr Smith lent the tenant a sledgehammer to knock in some posts so that he could fence off the site On July 2nd last year, the farmer returned home at 1.30pm to be greeted by the excited tenant. Both heard loud banging sounds which seemed to be coming from a hedgerow, but closer examination revealed something very odd. "They were coming from two feet above my head," Mr Smith said. It soon dawned on him that the noises ran in exact sequence to those made when his tenant hammered the posts to support the fence months earlier.