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Hi thought I would drop a line about last year when I stood in for the regular cleaner for 3 weeks at scala cinema. I was pretty nervous about being in there on my own so took a radio in with me for company. when I went into the gent's toilets i felt like a really cold blast of air went right thru me, I just felt very uneasy got my work done in there, and got out. on the last day, my friend came in with me to help and i took a camera in with me. when our work was done i took a photo of her sitting on the front row when i had the photos developed on the seat near her is a good size orb . i spoke to an elderly couple who had worked at the cinema when it was the old gas lighting and both talked of having strange things happen. i really do think it would be worth looking in to, it,s such a lovely old building with loads of character, will i be going back to clean? no way you just felt you were not alone very strange.
Scala Cinema
That's interesting about the cinema. I love those old buildings. The Market Hotel at Heanor has some weird goings on. I worked there for a short time some years ago now. When in the bar area on my own I saw a black shadowy shape passing from one side of the bar and straight through to where the toilets were. The cellar was particularly a creepy place and several unexplainable things went off down there, gas bottles being turned the wrong way and that sort of thing. I also heard someone calling my name - this happened several times and was a woman's voice. It's all boarded up now, but would have been a good place to have done a vigil. sherry
Scala Cinema
Many a Saturday morning i used to help my mother and grandmother cleaning the scala to earn pocket money. Most times the things that went on voices and noises one morning a ghost made himself known and spoken. We use to get there at about 6am my grandmother was the key holder she locked the doors when we went in so nobody could enter the building. We set cleaning the cinema my gran cleaned the upstairs my mother downstairs i used to empty the ashtrays. We were well cleaning the cinema a man's voice said good morning we replied to him with good morning and looked up a policeman stood behind the barrier my mother was chatting away to him my gran asked who she was talking to she replied a policeman. My gran came rushing downstairs in that time the policeman turned walked away my gran did not see anyone leaving the stalls and then she tried the doors yes they were still locked. Many people would say its imagination running wild with you but for three people to hear and two to see and no one to enter or to leave the cinema.
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