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Paranormal Activity On Derby Street, Hallcroft Site and Area


The following is by the individual, sent via email or via site, in response to articles or other sightings.

In response to the Hawthorn (Derby Street Article)

Pemberton Way

Spooky new built Houses reporting strange unexplained activity.

A couple from Hull lived in this property when it was first built and moved out within 2 weeks.

Helen Wright


 When I was at Hallcroft, we used to cross over the road when we got to this house, if we came out of the gate at the back of the art block. (at the end of Derby St)

John Burns Jnr


 My wife lived on derby st as a kid and she told me about the woman running to her house saying that there was no one in the house n someone trying to drown her in the sink by ducking her head underwater. Makes u wonder

Peter Simpson


 I remember reading about this house in the 80s in the Ilkeston advertiser, it was derelict then as was a school on the next street, we used to dare each other to go in them

Charlotte Kelk


 I was a mobile hairdresser back. before all the houses came down - I went. to do a job.down.there, there were only about 2 houses with folks still in them waiting to move it was very eery

Nikki Williams,


We used to avoid the house when we were at Hallcroft. Heard the same tale back in the 60's.

I remember my sister telling me about the hauntings when I was a little girl. She used to work at Rutland Garments. I started at Hallcroft in 1958 and the tales were very well known by then.

Margaret Fisher


 My husband lived on market st until the late 90's, the school was open for business until 1997 when it closed, and most of market st was/is haunted. I have witnessed a few odd things on there.

Kay McMahon


Roger Stephenson, a football coach who lived to the right of Jacko's chippy also got spooked whilst living there.