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 Welcome to our news desk, here you can find articles from the team and around the area, local and national paranormal news, finding what’s in the new from the paranormal, mysteries and weird. There will be articles and lots more coming soon. Don't forget to check out the Facebook

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Haunted pub captures possible poltergeist on camera

A 'pub poltergeist' has been captured on CCTV by the venue's owner after glasses smashed from the shelves for no obvious reason.

ILKESTON WITCH Extract from "Three Centuries of Derbyshire Annals, Volume II", concerning Ann Wagg of Ilkeston, who was tried and convicted of witchcraft in 1650. As the extract states, little is known regarding her fate.  Coming Soon

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PTwilight Paranormal's research into the dark history of Ilkeston continues with the story of Joseph Smith's murder in 1861.

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From the Derby Daily Telegraph, Thursday 4th September 1924. It's entirely possible that the unfortunate Mr Haslam is just one of the spirits that are to be found in the Scala Cinema and the Co-op building. There are certainly a number of male spirits in the Scala, having investigated it last year and planning on returning soon.

Is this the first time the famous Keeper ghost has been caught on camera?

A haunted castle's infamous ghost known as The Keeper has allegedly been caught on camera for the first time.

The footage shows the figure of what appears to be the ghost named 'The Keeper' standing motionless against a wall for almost 20 seconds, before steadily moving across the room and out of sight.