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Ghost Hunt report by Erewash Museum, GSI and Twilight Paranormal

During the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s, numerous reports of a lion roaming the then enclosed groully, Stories of spooked horse, apparitions, shadows, voices and much more.

The Museum


 Most of recent stories came from staff at the museum, however its possible to trace the buildings history back through the 1800's as the library hold financial information on “Dolby House” and the doctor Dr George Blake Norman, who lived and worked there.

We found the story of the outlaws in a pamphlet held at Ilkeston library called Punishment in Derbyshire. The small booklet had detailed accounts of how and where crimes were committed and how the criminals were punished.


Staff told us of:


The Justice Rooms

This was the Petty courts of the town. We pout this is as we found the “tit-bit” of information about where it was to be interesting and through the research we heard of many crooks who also intrigued us.

In the library records of the Justice rooms – magistrates court can be found, detailing dates and dealings of the petty courthouse.

 The first session was held on the 12/04/2010

By HSI Paranormal Group

Erewash Museum

Erewash Museum (07/06/2013) - Two guests removed from kitchen

  • During an investigation at Erewash Museum in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, several guests had their arms moved up and down involuntarily in the kitchen area, forcing one of the guests down until she was standing with her legs straight and her body arched over at a right-angle, dragging other members of the group with her.
  • See the Video from EM