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Life on Earth likely started 4.1 billion years ago—much earlier than scientists thought

UCLA geochemists have found evidence that life likely existed on Earth at least 4.1 billion years ago—300 million years earlier than previous research suggested. The discovery indicates that life may have begun shortly after the planet formed 4.54 billion years ago.

Scientists can’t explain what huge object is blocking the light from this distant star

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It’s not every day that we have permission to throw "Aliens?" out there in relation to a confounding astronomical discovery - in fact, I don’t think we ever have. But the discovery of a strange pattern of light surrounding a distant star called KIC 8462852 has seen even the most sensible astronomers throw their arms up with a, "Sure, why not?" arguing that the possibility of advanced alien technology can’t reasonably be ignored.

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The Barn – Museum

The barn at the museum is our last stop. The story we tell is the most improbable one of the possibilities surrounding the barn. The guts of the story is - There once was a girl who was kicked to death by an animal. She was supposedly cleaning the stable out Ourselves and staff have heard kicking and movement and horses move in there The alarm in that part of the museum is fitted with movement sensors and frequently is activated Our story tries to answer all these occurrences in a clear way as well as rapping up the storytellers role and is not a direct reference to how Dr William Blake of the museum passed.

What's your opinion and any experiances?

Latest newsHave you had any experiences anywhere in Ilkeston or with Hawthorn house, by you or what you heard, tell us, also if you know other haunted places or places with strange goings on  - Email


The Museum

 Most of recent stories came from staff at the museum, however its possible to trace the buildings history back through the 1800's as the library hold financial information on “Dolby House” and the doctor Dr George Blake Norman, who lived and worked there.

We found the story of the outlaws in a pamphlet held at Ilkeston library called Punishment in Derbyshire. The small booklet had detailed accounts of how and where crimes were committed and how the criminals were punished.

Staff told us of:

The girl who fell and broke her neck, The sounds in the stables, Dowsing stories, The cleansing of the house by a mystic, Three ghosts 1 on the back stairs one on the second floor and one on the ground floor.

We experienced:

The Justice Rooms

This was the Petty courts of the town. We pout this is as we found the “tit-bit” of information about where it was to be interesting and through the research we heard of many crooks who also intrigued us.

In the library records of the Justice rooms – magistrates court can be found, detailing dates and dealings of the petty courthouse.

The first session was held on the 12/04/1860

 The Scala Spooks

The story of the building being built on a cematary is part of urban legends so we set out to prove, or disprove it.

On maps of the 1880's we found the land to be referenced as belonging to the chapel and there was a path through it. After some digging we found reference to the construction of the building and indeed it was a graveyard.

In an artical in the advertiser dated 06/01/1989 we found stories of the reverend of the late 1800's offering a Christian burial to the bodies in the yard, moving the stones to the St Marys Graveyard.

We also found that there was a man, who was old enough to remember before the cinema was built, and indeed it was a walled graveyard, with around a dozen stones. The story we tell is put together from the urban legends of the two spectres.

St Mary's Church and Graveyard

Our story of the churchyard was devised to help tell a story told to us by someone we spoke to in the library, who was studying close by.

She, as a girl, had heard the crying of a girl when she used to walk through the graveyard down by the side of Hallcroft School . We couldn't answer conclusively who or even if anyone else had heard it, but our friend was convinced. So we researched the life of the church and its yard. In books at the Library we started to build up a picture of the churches history.

We found in a book (reference: Glovers. 942.5ilk, pg5) references as to how the churchyard was at one time used a as a play ground for children, this took us on to look at how the children who were buried there, had died. The biggest killer Cholera filled the graveyard with the bodies of Ilkestonians. Our story of Eliza and the plague came from two different stories relating to the plague of 1700's and a girl who vanished from the yard of a church.