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The following is a page of local building, extra information, stories and more.

This page looks at 5 Places, all within a few yards of each other, with one thing in common, they all have at least one spirit who visits all of them

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Places of Interest Town

The Ritz and Co-op

The stories relating to these two buildings came from multiple ladies who frequented the Ritz as cinema and worked at the co-op throughout the past 30 years. In the Ritz, they tell of a moving smell much like the one on the library. On maps of the 1800's it's possible to see this land used as Mill land, either housing for workers or machinery. The story of the ghosts of co-op – affectingly known as Mary who haunts the cellars.

Ilkestons Library

Ilkestons Library was first opended on the 24th August 1904 by the Duke of Rutland. The library was built by Hunter and Woodhouse of Belper after the industrialist Andrew Carnegie gifted 7,500 pounds to the town for the erection of a free library. Above the entrance is an inscribed panel stating 'Carnegie Free Library'.

Activity includes, cold spots, noises, footsteps.