Shipley Park and Hall

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Its History Plus Paranormal Events and Paranormal Activity Associated With The Hall.

Shipley park has many paranormal and unexplained sightings.


The following information has been taken from various sources.

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During the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s, numerous reports of a lion roaming the then enclosed grounds was reported by various people. No lion was ever found.In 1992, i picked’ up certain ‘knowledge’ concerning an event in the remains of a small circular ruined clinker built ice-house standing in the now open grounds. This concerned two young girls, of about 7 or 8, playing inside the ruin. They were watching a small lad of about 6, as he endeavoured to climb up the inner wall.During 1994, several of us visited the site of the ruin, thick with bushes and trees. The story of the climbing lad had never been mentioned to anyone and in fact was entirely forgotten by myself.

 One of our party and went into the overgrown ice-house, appearing a few moments later. When asked how it was in there, she just replied – “I saw a small lad in there. This was a heart thumping conformation to me. I never said anything.One of the Lords of the Hall, (a Mundy?) of the ‘recent’ Past, has been seen by a few witnesses, on horseback, galloping up the deserted long lane leading to the Hall. This usually occurs on frosty moonlit winter nights.The ghost of a 19th. Century bookmaker, who once worked at the Hall, has been seen quite a few times in the old bungalow where he lived. (on the periphery of the Hall grounds).Approximately a half mile from the Hall, stands ‘John’s Wood’, once part of the ancient Hall’s grounds. This is where several people, including myself, witnessed several ‘Scenic Shifts’ over a matter of months in the early 1990’s. These events occurred near the Western edge of the wood, next to the reservoir.

Today, the Hall ruins stand in the large ‘Shipley Park’. A large tract of fields, woods, ponds, streams and a reservoir, open to the public. The large grounds of the Hall itself consist of large lawns, woods and ruins, which are generally deserted at night, from about 9 pm onwards.The Hall’s large grounds are an ideal site for an all night vigil….. or two – and free.


From records it would seem that Shipley was a sporting estate.
Robert Strelley claimed to have two deer parks in 1331, though this was disputed and he was only allowed to have one. It was recorded as late as the early 1500s that there was a park keeper at Shipley named Walter. The village of Mapperley, next to Shipley, also belonged to the Strelleys and some of the family lived there. Hugh de Strelley and his wife founded a chapel in the enclosure of their Mapperley mansion and were allowed a chaplain there c.1230.


The earliest reference and description of a house at Shipley appears in a document of 1599. This says there was a house, part stone, part timber and plaster, which was large, well seated and dry, some of the rooms being wainscoated.

Attached to the house was a brewhouse, a bakehouse, barns, stables, dovecotes, gardens, orchards and fish ponds.

A chapel at Shipley is mentioned in the will of Sir Nicholas Strelley, 1430.


The main entrance was formed by the single story stone Porch, leading into the main entrance hall. Immediately facing the main entrance was the Grand Marble Staircase, which was reported to have been taken to America after the demolition of the Hall in 1943.

To the right was an octagonal room, the dining room, which contained portraits of the Miller Mundy Family.

The dinin purchasing it in 1930.

But, eventually, during the last War, the Colliery Company decided that the building should be demolished and Watts of Nottingham duly tore down 300 years of Shipley History.

Shipley Hall ruins are approximately 6½ miles to the East of Derby. It’s midway between the small ‘town’ of Marlpool and the village of Mapperley. There’s no road, just a narrow long lane which connects all 3 places.

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