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Latest Communications

Check out our facebook page, more pics, talks and find out whats happening.

We in contact with Twilight Paranormal, who have been conducting investigations and research in Ilkeston, Findings are posted online and in our newsdesk.

If you have any information to share please contact US or post on FB.  

The Ritz, Petti Cafe, Scala, Co-Op

  • Apparitions - many have reported seeing figures.
  • EVP - Through investigations and general, voices have been heard and caught on devices.
  • History shows that these places have been sites of crime, cemetery and other strange goings on.  

About Us

We are based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The team is a small group of friends who share the same interest in the Paranormal.

We are open to try and explain most experiances, yet with our own experiance we decided to form this group to record all of the Unexplained and Paranormal activity in Ilkeston. We are a non-profit Community Group on the boarders of two Very Haunted Cities Derby and Nottingham. We started in response to  recent years where residents have seen some paranormal happenings, as well as discussions. 

 After an investigation at 2 places in Ilkeston and various sightings Haunted Ilkeston Project was launched. Although we not done any investigations ourselves, investiga local paranormal groups and can be accessed through this site. We need your help in recording all the strange goings on..tions are happening via


Ilkeston was probably founded in the 6th century AD, and gets its name from its supposed founder, Elch or Elcha, who was an Anglian chieftain ("Elka's Tun" = Elka's Town). The town appears as Tilchestune in the Domesday Book when it was owned principally by Gilbert de Ghent. Gilbert also controlled nearby Shipley, West Hallam and Stanton by Dale.[1] Ilkeston was created a borough by Queen Victoria in 1887.

Ilkeston is one of several places where the distinctive dialect of East Midlands English is extensively spoken. Ilkeston is referred to as 'Ilson' in this dialect. One might greet a friend with "Eh up, me duck!" or "Ah do?".